Teacher Interviews – Brittany Scullark

Interview with Liberation Prison Yoga Teacher Brittany Scullark


Bre, can you tell us a little bit about your background, how you came to this work, and where you are currently teaching?

My name is Brittney Scullark. People usually call me Bre for short.  I am born and raised in Harlem, NY. My professional background started with modeling. Over time I felt unfulfilled in my career. I’m not sure what ultimately what was the tipping point. Whether it was the drinking or drugs or constant feeling of loneliness in the pit of my stomach but I stepped back from modeling, completely.  I got sober and practiced yoga, a lot!   I knew I wanted to pass along the spiritual balance yoga gave me. I was invited to be a motivational speaker at Rikers Island in 2014. I enjoyed the women so much! I declared very clearly to myself and close friends that I was going to teach yoga in jail. And I have, I do. There’s no place like it to do what we do. I’m grateful.


What do you feel are some common goals between you and those who you teach to inside?

A common goal that we as instructors have Inside is a yearning to heal what hurts in ourselves and in others.


What keeps you coming back?

I keep coming back. Why? Because I feel a sense of belonging here. I relate to my students and I appreciate their desire to have a better life for themselves by any means. There’s humility in acknowledging what isn’t working. And surrendering old habits. That’s me regularly.


How do you integrate the “unconditional model” in your life?

Love. It’s a practice of love and acceptance and I am not great at practicing it with everyone in my life but… it’s a practice lol!


How has Liberation Prison Yoga influenced you?

LPY has helped me choose a life I LOVE and I WANT. LPY gives me the confidence to choose.   I also don’t see myself working with any other population. I am doing trauma work with children as well as inside. This is what I love and guess what? When I do the work on myself (keyword WHEN) I get to heal too.



Wise words for teachers new and old:

One Day At A Time…🙏🏾