• Anneke Lucas conducts two programs at the Rose M. Singer Center at Riker’s Island with Surivors of Sex Trafficking. Originally developed based on learning, at a Conference at the former NYC Department of Health and Hygiene Bureau of Prisons with various organizations providing services for Sex Traffic victims, that incarcerated victims of Sex Trafficking are often unwilling, for obvious reasons, to turn in their Traffickers. One question posed was how the women could be encouraged to speak up.

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  • With both access to incarcerated women through the yoga groups at the Rose M. Singer Center, and years of personal healing experience, Anneke Lucas set about to create weekly groups for survivors of sex trafficking. In the groups, survivors are free to share or not, and as they begin to feel safe, feel heard, seen and held, they are hopeful to find healing, desire to leave their traffickers, and in certain cases have named traffickers to authorities, as they are safely guided into Re-Entry housing programs after incarceration.

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  •  The format for these meetings was shared at the National Center For Child Traumatic Stress (NCCTS) Round Table in Chicago in 2015 as tools for all those working on the ground with survivors. The meetings start with guidelines to help everyone feel safe and understood, and participants are offered timed shares, followed by a group reflection and meditation. The closing guidelines and meditation help participants return to the world, safely.

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Additional Resources

The transcript for an interview with Paul Gilmartin for the Mental Illness Happy Hour, Pedophile ring Survivor Anneke Lucas.

Youtube Video of a talk given by Anneke Lucas at Allison Great Hall at Dickinson College. Prison Yoga: Yoga as a Therapeutic Tool for Victims of Sexual Assault & Sex Trafficking.

An article written by Anneke Lucas on Elephant Journal: Personal Lessons: The Role of Love in Facing Childhood Sexual Abuse, about her childhood as a sex traffic victim, the psychology of sexual abuse and the role of love in the healing process.