“It was the most awe inspiring, revealing and transformative training I have ever done. The courage and compassion in the room was beyond my expectations. Thank you to all!!!”

— Jill Lord

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“The workshop made me realize the urgency of yoga being offered to human beings suffering in the darkest corners of the world. Every abuser was a victim at one point or another. Yoga and meditation offer tools and insight for these incarcerated men and women to find a home within themselves, to create a safe space to heal themselves as well.”

— Anika Bhola

“Thank you for the very positive experience over the weekend. I was impressed with your level of organization and time management . After 13 years I have been to dozens of trainings and yours stands out ! Thank you !”

— Marianne Bateman


“Thank you so much for the privilege of attending your workshop this past weekend. My heart is so full of light and inspiration after meeting you and being awakened to your beautiful vision. “

— Adrienne Neff

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“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful weekend. Going into this workshop I was not expecting the results I have received. I learned a lot about myself and also learned why certain things make me feel and act the way I do. I am hoping that this will help me to gain back my confidence and learn to truly love myself again. Meeting someone like you gives me hope that one day I too will regain my strength and happiness.”

— Charlotte Bush

“This experience was absolutely phenomenal for me. In a quiet, deep way…no bells, no whistles. Just fundamental shifts in how I see things, how I experience my body, and how I teach yoga. And speaking of that, on behalf of all my future students, both inside and outside, thank you for inspiring me to just stand in my own feet and speak from my heart.”

— Tina Lear

Judson Church Workshop

As a teacher and lifelong yoga practitioner, training with Anneke and Liberation Prison Yoga is an incredibly important and powerful experience- this workshop is fundamental for those preparing to contribute in an underserved setting.
Anneke challenges the patterns of privilege in modern yoga, she empowers trainees to shift the paradigm and to establish yoga as a healing space.

— Hannah Gallagher

Yoga Group“There is a supreme sense of acceptance and generosity that flows from Anneka. Her skills as a yoga practitioner are truly amazing but her ability to combine them with mindfulness and meditation are really unparalleled. I have yet to find a yoga teacher like Anneka . She has an amazing gift of intuition and insight that she shares with her students as she tailors each class to what she senses are her students physical and emotional needs. She is more than a “teacher”, she is a healer of souls and bodies that have lost their connection to what was once possible.”

— Sarah Andrew


“For me, Anneke’s training was like finally coming home after an epic journey. It was no less than validating my entire existence. I’m eternally grateful.”

— Murphy Cox-Nicol



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