Liberation Prison Yoga’s mission is to serve prisons and jails, bringing trauma-conscious yoga programs to incarcerated women, men, youth, staff, and those whose lives are affected by incarceration; to train yoga instructors to work inside the prison system; and to educate the public about trauma-conscious yoga.


Liberation Prison Yoga is a 501-c(3) tax exempted non-profit organization since September, 2014. All donations  are tax-deductible. The Board of Directors are:

Sallie Fraenkel, President

Michael Huggins, Treasurer

Ivy Woolf Turk

Anneke Lucas

Oneika Mays 

Kimberleigh Weiss-Lewit

Cate Brainard, Secretary


Founder and Executive Director Anneke Lucas started creating programs in different facilities in 2011, bringing along yoga teachers, social workers and psychologists, training them to apply a specific trauma conscious approach, proven effective inside jails and prisons. Teachers share their own yoga style adapted to the prison setting and each class comprises of yoga and meditation. Liberation Prison Yoga programs may also include discussion, free-flow writing or other healing modalities.


The effectiveness of yoga and mindfulness practices have been amply proven, but few studies have been done inside the prisons. Currently, LPY’s Executive Director Anneke Lucas is in the process of collaborating with the NYC Department of Correction, the NYC Health & Hospitals Corporation and PhD Candidates at John Jay College to conduct an in-depth study to measure the effectiveness of the Liberation Prison Yoga programs conducted at Rikers Island, New York.

Let’s be the quiet revolution – moving towards integration instead of isolation, healing instead of punishment, and peace amid unrest – inside ourselves, and inside the prisons. – Anneke Lucas