Liberation Prison Yoga is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to serve prisons and jails, bringing trauma-conscious yoga programs to incarcerated women, men, LGBTQ, youth, staff, and those whose lives are affected by incarceration; to train yoga instructors to work inside the prison system; and to educate the public about trauma-conscious yoga.

Upcoming Workshops, Events & News

Liberation Prison Yoga Weekend Training and Workshop, New York City March 11, 12, 2017

At Bowery Yoga. Open to Yoga Instructors and Serious Practitioners. Weekend immersion into LPY’s Unconditional Model.

Weekly Liberation Community Class, New York CIty, Every Monday 5-6pm

At The 3 Jewels Yoga Center, Astor Place, New York, NY.

January 2017: Liberation Prison Yoga proudly welcomes new board members Yael Stone and J. Brown. A big thank you for your service to help move our mission forward.

Oneika Mays (photo right) was elected Vice President of the Board of Directors. Congratulations Oneika!

Liberation Prison Yoga is the grateful winner of a 4-year grant by the Palette Fund, supporting our program with gay and transgender students at MDC.

Liberation Prison Yoga is currently in collaboration with the NYC Department of Corrections and the NYC Health & Hospitals Corporation, conducting a study to measure the effectiveness of Liberation Prison Yoga programs with female populations at Rikers Island, and with the gay and transgender populations at MDC.

After I quit drugs I got really depressed. With yoga I’m clean inside and out. I feel open, release stress, and think peaceful thoughts.  I’m proud of myself, and motivated.

J.K., Rikers Island RMSC


Let’s be the quiet revolution – moving towards integration instead of isolation, healing instead of punishment, and peace amid unrest – inside ourselves, and inside the prisons.Anneke Lucas

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